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Rahu and Ketu Astrology

Acxcurate Prdictions of Rahu and Ketu Effect
Ram Babu Sao
Type: Print Book
Genre: Astrology
Language: English
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Price: ₹1,200 + shipping
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“Our life is what our thoughts make it” The book, “Rahu and Ketu Astrology”, is a unique book, which is very informative and easy to understand. One book is truly equivalent to several books on Rahu and Ketu astrology. You can make all predictions of a horoscope concerning Rahu and Ketu impacts in the Kundali for you or members of your family with the help of this single book. This provides some of the elementary and in-depth essential elements on complete Horoscope predictions concerning Rahu and Ketu effects in the Kundali. Many of the basics of Rahu and Ketu astrology are explained in detail. Vedic Astrology predicts the future based on the birth chart. To predict the future according to this method the information of the birth time, place and date is very important. Predictions are not only knowing your future but planning your future by averting the misshapenness by the right actions at the right time, wearing Gems, wearing Yantras, and chanting Mantras and Prayers. It is important to realize that success comes only with the right actions at the right timing. The whole secret of astrology is the “right actions at the right timing to avoid the misshapenness. This Book provides the best remedies for the successful removal of the bad impacts of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu have an immense influence on the natives of earth. It takes about 18 years and 6 months to make a revolution around the Earth. This becomes more important at present of intense competition at various levels of survival for gains of physical comforts when we have been very prone to psycho-somatic problems which creep up cardiac and many other problems.
Rahu is the most malefic celestial body in the planetary system and his influence is deep and powerful. Rahu symbolizes materialism and mischief. It may also stand for theft, speculation, bad habits, the underworld and so on. As a node of the moon, Rahu does not provide adverse results so long as the 4th house or moon is not afflicted. He gives good results when Mars occupies houses 3 and 12, when Sun and Mercury are in house 3, or when he is posited in the 4th house. Rahu further provides good results if placed together with Mercury or aspect by him. Rahu offers highly beneficial effects if placed in houses earlier than Saturn. But if it is otherwise, Saturn becomes stronger and Rahu acts as his agent. Sun provides very good results when Rahu is aspect by Saturn, but Rahu gives the effects of a debilitated planet when Saturn is aspect by Rahu.
Rahu gets exalted in houses 3 and 6, whereas he gets debilitated in houses 8, 9 and 11. 12th house is his 'Pakka Ghar' and he proves highly auspicious in houses 3, 4 and Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are his friends, whereas Sun, Mars and Venus are his enemies. Jupiter and the moon are neutral to him. If Sun and Venus are placed together in a horoscope, Rahu will generally provide adverse results. Similarly, Rahu will provide bad results if Saturn and Sun are combined in a horoscope. Here Mars will also become Mars negative. If Ketu is placed in houses earlier than Rahu, Rahu will provide adverse results, whereas the Ketu effect would be zeroed. Rahu, also known as the “dragon head” is not a real planet. It doesn’t have any physical and visual texture but still holds a lot of importance in the natives’ life. Rahu symbolizes laziness, mental stress, materialism, greed, and the power to rise by unfair means.
When Rahu is negative in a horoscope, it causes dissatisfaction, materialistic tendencies, fears, distorted mental makeup, and fantasies. This Book provides you with much more information than the followings:
1. The prospective tools to make your life more rewarding.
2. Tools to make a career and love life at ultimate zenith.
3. Remedies to make your financial fortune in life.
5. Secrets of looking the “Best you can be every day”.
6. Start a professional practice and set your fees.
7. Remedial Measures to resolve the Rahu-Ketu problems.

About the Author

He is born into a poor family in a small village. He struggled with poverty, sickness and malnutrition. He is a meritorious, genius and very intellectual person since childhood and is a Mechanical Engineer from Patna University. He secured the “National Merit Scholarship” of India during Secondary Board Examination. He has acquired a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has deep interest in Astrology since childhood. He is deeply committed and involved in Astrological research and development work. He is an expert in Vedic Astrology with over 18 Years of experience in the prediction of Marriage, Kundali Matching, Career, Profession, Business relationships, and other problems in life and their Remedies. Sincerity, deep study and his hobby have put him into the use of many new techniques and methods for horoscope prediction. He has studied many books, articles and magazines on astrology. He thought of the necessity of a consolidated book covering all the aspects, and topics on subject matter about Rahu and Ketu in one place.

Book Details

Publisher: Self
Number of Pages: 588
Dimensions: 7"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Rahu and Ketu Astrology

Rahu and Ketu Astrology

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